Discoveries are made
by dawn each day: bloodied lips,
bruises the size of hummingbirds
below the pajama’s collar, splotches

of love-making across the breasts
and farther down the body,
You favor physical love, not the kind

of kindness you don’t deserve. You
choose screams in the night, handprints
in the morning, abstinence during the day, then
return to the night so you’re

Paula Persoleo 

Paula Persoleo is a 2011 graduate of Stony Brook’s MFA program in Southampton, NY. Some of the poets she has worked with include Julie Sheehan, Thomas Lux, and Michelle Whittaker. Her recent work has been accepted by Gordon Square Review, Philadelphia StoriesPanoplyInto the Void, and Habitat Magazine. She is an adjunct at the University of Delaware and lives in Delaware with her husband.